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Fish Taxidermy, Mounted Fish, Fish Replicas, Fish Reproductions, Fish Catch & Release, Fish Taxidermy, PA Fish Taxidermy, Fiberglass Fish Reproductions, Pennsylvania Fish Taxidermy, Restaurant Decorations, Fish Repairs
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There are approximately 75,000 people in the United States who practice taxidermy. These findings are based on yellow page listings, mailing lists from taxidermy supply companies, subscribers to trade publications and the licensing requirements of some states. Many are hobbyists while some are museum curators, but the vast majority are part-time and full-time taxidermists who solicit money for their services. Unfortunately, the overwhelming have no professional training per se, nor have they been trained or tested in their abilities or knowledge to perform professional work.

Only a small percent of these taxidermists are affiliated with any taxidermy organizations, and less than 4% belong to an organization which certifies its members.

The National Taxidermists Association (NTA) was organized in 1973 and is recognized as the largest organization in the profession. The development of the NTA Certification Program began in 1983 and was implemented during the 1985 Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida. Since this beginning, it has been recognized and written about in national publications such as Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Bass Magazineand the NRA publication American Hunter.

Only NTA members who have met the Certification requirements can use the Symbol of Excellence shown above.

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