Tips for taxidermy of that fish of a lifetime

Every angler hopes to catch that one that is so special that it would be wall-mounted either as a skin Mount or replica or, it is a dream that starts with the first fishing line you get and might take a long time before you accomplish, but what really happens when you catch that fish of a lifetime. How prepared are you to ensure to that your trophy (if you’re mounting it with the skin) or the correct measurements (if it is a replica) makes it to the taxidermist place in the same shape as it was when caught. Here, we discuss to help you preserve that trophy catch of yours.

Capture the moment in photographs: The best way to preserve your big catch and help the taxidermist restore your trophy to the state it was immediately you caught it or recreate its replica is through photographs. Thus, the first thing you should do is take pictures of your trophy catch from different angles that allow the varying shades of colours, features, and size of your fish to be visible to the taxidermist. So make sure you get as many shots of it as possible.

Take Measurements:  this and taking pictures are more important when you are creating a replica of the fish, and you will release it back into the water. However, you should still do it even if you are mounting the trophy catch. Get a measuring tape and measure the length, width, and circumference of the fish. Make sure you measure the circumference at various parts of the fish such as towards the tail, the middle, and the head. This will help the taxidermist to get the actual crafting right.

Decide on the preservation method you want: immediately you catch that big fish, you need to make a fast decision on whether you want to keep the fish with its real skin mount or you want to create a replica of the fish and release your trophy fish. If you are using the natural fish skin, then it is time to get back ashore as soon as you can so you can hand over the fish to the taxidermist. On your lucky day, you might catch that fish or a lifetime early, don’t let that stop you from heading ashore if you want your trophy mount in the best possible shape.

Wrap up the fish: if you are mounting the trophy fish itself and not doing catch and release, then you should do everything to preserve the fish in its fresh state that it was when you caught it. Instead of just putting the fish into an icebox or cooler where the fins might get destroyed due to movement which could make the fish bounce around especially if you caught it on a boat. Find a towel-like fabric and wrap the fish with it. This will protect the fish and ensure its fins are well preserved when you place it on ice.

It is also good to know different taxidermists with a speciality in different species of fishes, that way you can pick the taxidermist with the best skills in the fish you’ve caught. Remember, it is a fish of a lifetime; you must do everything to preserve it for a lifetime too.

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