Tips to Know before buying a used boat

If you are here, it must be because you have some interest in boating. The best way to explore that interest is by owning your boat. However, this not as simple as it stands. It is like owning a car, but a little more complicated for many reasons such as price, insurance, regulations, etc. Due to the high cost of boats, many first time owners usually opt for used ones, and boat sellers too understand this, which is why many add it to their stock. But if you’re buying a used boat, whether, from the world original owner or a boat dealership, there are certain things to consider. Here are some of them.

Size: the boat size matter for many reasons. It determines the boat capacity in terms of passengers and the storage space in it. If you will be towing the boat, the size also determines the type of vehicle you’ll have to use to tow the boat. Another important thing that size affects is where you can use your boat. So ensure that you choose the boat size based on the understanding of all these factors.

Budget: This also applies to whether you’re buying a new or used boat. If it is a used boat, you may have to add the cost you will spend on maintenance of the boat to give it a fresh look. The fact the initial price of the boat is cheap should not cloud your budget; sometimes, it is the repairs and maintenance that guzzle the most money at times. Budgeting will also help you to find the right boat financing. Part of budgeting is figuring how you will fund the purchase and finding the right lender.

Check the Dealer Reputation: While you may purchase directly from the owner, it is advisable to use a boat dealership. That increases your chance of getting financing, finding the right boat, and securing guarantee on your purchase. Check the reputation of the dealer, and it is even better to compare dealers.

Get a trusted boat mechanic to inspect the boat: inspection is an absolute necessity when it comes to used goods. Find a boat mechanic to inspect the engine, fuel system, hull, electronics, and sails. Checking all these will help you get the best deal in terms of quality and bargain. For instance, while a faulty engine or fuel system might be a deal-breaker, a leaky hull can be easily fixed, but if you identify it, you can use that to bargain for lesser price. A fundamental part of the inspection is test-sailing the boat. It may not be enough to check on face value alone.

Check the paperwork: this is another reason to use a reputable boat dealership. However, if you’re buying from an individual owner, make sure you have all the paperwork that confirms the ownership of the boat. Some websites fact-check ownership; you can also use them.

Getting your boat will open you up to a whole new world, not only in terms of oceans and rivers but also people.

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