Cruise Craft Fish 360M

The Fish 360M coastal fishing boat is beautifully finished with a stunning centre console. The boat is an open one that gives you the chance to fish 360 degrees alongside the perimeter of the boat.

Cruise Craft designed the boat using the 595 series hull. It is built with fibreglass and in accordance with the design regulations and road rules in Australia. This makes it a better alternative to imported boats that are usually above regulations in size and therefore subject to towing restrictions in most States. The boat weighs 2140kg and is 6.35m long; this means it is big enough for offshore and coastal fishing, yet small enough to be towed with regular cab or SUV and parked in the driveway.


The standard boat is equipped with features and gears which include an elevated casting deck that has storage lockers, a centre console that can take two people in its helm station and also has a storage compartment and lean seat post, transom door, coaming bolster, tackle storage trays, a Yamaha engine with dual batteries and hydraulic steering, flat and wide coamings that encircles the boat, among many others.

It is also equipped with safety features such as VHF radio, fire extinguisher, self-draining rear cockpit, hull flotation foam, and auto-bilge pump.

The engine is economical and fuel-efficient with smooth transmission and little to no noise when operating. The boat can operate at a top speed of 39.9 knots at 5700 rpm, making it quick enough for a regular fishing boat. However, you can always upgrade the engine if you wish for more speed or you’re using the boat for tow-sports.

It comes at a mid-range price of less than a hundred thousand, making it not cheap, but not expensive either.