Specialty Mounts

Specialty Mounts

Mcginnity Marine Art can help you create that unique mount that will lead your home that one-of-a-kind look. We can provide all types of specialty mounts, from wall mount to life-sized. We create replicas mounts of all shapes, sizes, and scenes. All you have to do is explain what you want to us in full details, and you can expect to get your work back in perfect conditions. We encourage our clients to give complete information about all their requirements and ask questions, only through this can we create a specialty mount that genuinely reflects their desires.

Do you have a mounted fish that is looking faded or worn out? We can also help you revamp your old specialty mount and give it a new look. We ensure that it looks better than the original work at the end of the process.

We specialise in crafting replicas of those fishing captures that were high points of your fishing expeditions, the trophies you won at the fishing competitions, and your personal bests. Having a well-crafted and beautifully designed life-like replica of these high points in your life will definitely bring a smile to your face and even more happy when visitors ask about the stories behind each specialty mount, that smile and happiness is what we are after. Our business is bringing joy to your face.

We can also help you create a custom specialty mount with all your trophies in one place. Imagine creating a trophy cabinet scene with all your best fishes arranged with dramatic effect. Your replica can be mounted on different materials such as wood, rocks, marbles, metal, etc. depending on what you want. You deserve the perfect fish trophy, and we will give you that.

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