Barron River

If you’re looking to catch fishes of any size, Cairns is the place to come to. It offers deep-sea fishing locations like no other and has attracted tourists from different part of the world looking to snap up Marlin. One of the great places to fish is the Barron River; though you’re unlikely to catch a Marlin here, you will still find plenty fishes. What makes fishing Here more fun is that you don’t need a boat. There are various headlands and beaches where you can stay and try your luck. However, a boat is an added advantage as it allows you the estuary system and catches better fishes.

The mouth of the river houses some rock walls where you can find fish if you use the right approach. The best time to fish here is during low tide using rattle lures that can dive as low as the bottom of the river.

Another good spot for fishing is the Redden Creek which is one of the bigger feeder creeks and makes for a good fishing spot if the tide is falling.

On the north side of the Barron River are old pylons where you can fish at night. Here, you can use live baits, and if you are lucky enough, you can catch tarpons and barramundis.

Thomatis Creek is also a great place to catch fishes. This is because of the rocky outcrop at its mouth which extends into the Barron River, this holds Barramundi fishes especially during the warm months, and you can try your luck there.

As a local company, we are familiar with all the right places to catch fishes, the right baits, and the best methods to use for catching fishes. All these are used in planning your boat tour, and our staff pass on local knowledge to you to ensure your fishing tour is a success.