Great Barrier Reef

Are you looking to experience the most beautiful natural habitat in Australia and in fact, the whole world, we organise fishing tours to the Great Barrier Reef. It is located off the coast of Queensland, which means there are not many travels involved. You can spend a great weekend here with your friends and family in one of the most remarkable natural wonder in the world.

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most visited tourists in the world, and it is considered as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. How lucky are we to have in our backyard? The Reef is the only living thing on earth that can be seen from space and has a size bigger than the Great Wall of China. As one of the biggest drivers of tourism in Australia, it is a sense of pride to us, and we consider it our heritage, the UNESCO already considers it a world heritage site.

There is no better place to explore the Reef from than Cairns. From here, you will have access to its unspoilt and wonderful islands such as Lizard Island, Heron Island, Hayman Island, Haggerstone Island, Bedarra Island, and Brampton Island. From here, you can enjoy the pristine and picturesque scenery that the Reef with the tropical forest that surrounds it offers. You can also explore the incredible wildlife of the Reef and fish in the seventy per cent part of the Reef that is open for fishing.

The Reef is the world largest coral reef ecosystem and contains about 4000 kinds of molluscs, 1500 species of fish, and about 400 kinds of coral. Some of the world’s endangered species also live here, such as the large green turtle and the sea cow (dugong). The diversity of the Reef which contains more than 900 islands and about 2500 individual reefs of different shapes and sizes is one of its most remarkable features.

Our fishing tours to this pristine natural spot gives you an opportunity to perform many activities and tick them off your bucket list. Apart from fishing, you can go scuba diving, snorkelling, swim with dolphins and watch whales.

We understand how important the importance of this ecosystem to the earth in general, so we ensure the best conservation practices are followed on all our fishing tours. Illegal line-fishing and fishing in unprotected areas are discouraged on our fishing charters.