Trinity Inlet

This inlet is Cairn’s major estuary system. With an extensive tidal range and network of multiple feeder creeks, Trinity inlet is a thriving ecosystem that rewards fishermen with various catches. Since a net free status was placed on it, it has seen a rise in the number of fishes and anglers have also seen the benefit in more catches and fish stocks.  Fishes that can be found here include golden snapper, trevally, mangrove Jack, Queenfish, grunter, Barramundi, flathead, and bream. The season will determine which type of fish you would be able to catch, but one thing is sure, whether you come during the cooler dry months or, the warmer ones, you will always find fishes to catch.

It also helps that Trinity Inlet is located very close to Cairns, so you can easily go there, fish for a whole day, and return. Whether you live in the city or you’re only a tourist seeking to have a complete experience of what Cairns has to offers, a fishing tour to Trinity Inlet is not something you should miss. It does not matter whether it is your first time fishing or you are an expert already, you will definitely have a great time and reel in fishes. We provide both half and full-day tours around the inlets, and you will enjoy the beautiful surrounding and catch great fishes which our team help you clean and prepare.

If you wish to fish without being on a boat, there are also great spots on land where you can do the same. For instance, at the northernmost boat ramp on the inlet is a trawler basin where you can fish for mangrove jack, bream, and on lucky days, Barramundi. The pier rock wall at the mouth of the inlet is also an excellent place to fish for trevally and Barramundi using lures.