Freshwater Fish

Saltwater Fishs

We provide taxidermist services for freshwater fishes as well. Our taxidermists are experienced and skilled artists who can handcraft any specie of freshwater fish. All they need is the length and width, and they will sculpt the perfect mould of your fish for you. But this is just half the job. The other half, which is the painting, is executed with immaculate precision and impeccable detail. Vibrant and dull colours are combined to create realistic fish that you might be tempted to throw into the water just to see if it will swim.

Our collection includes various species of freshwater fishes that can be found in Cairns, Queensland such as Pacific blue eye, catfish, mangrove Jack, sooty grunter, jungle perch, sawfish, river blackish, Bloomfield river cod, Australian lungfish, Mary River cod, and many others. The freshwater bodies in Cairns are filled with various species of fishes which is what makes them a favourite spot for anglers and other fishing enthusiasts.

We use fibreglass materials to cast the fish body and fuse the natural image of the fisheye into the precisely shaped lens with high definition photography to create the looks; the fins are made with high-quality transparent materials like the ones used in making the replicas that are on display in various museums around the world.

The quality of our freshwater fishes’ replicas is such that they can resist all environmental elements and last for generations. Imagine your child telling your grandchild the story behind the lungfish replica mounted in the living room, how wonderful?

We ensure that you get your replica fish is designed to your satisfaction. Whether you pick a mould in our shop or you bring a particular photo and specification, everything will be crafted and custom painted to the tiniest detail.

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