Sea-run fish

Sea-run fish

Australia is home to about five salmonid species with rainbow and brown trout the most popular. The other types are Chinook salmon, Atlantic salmon, and brook trout, all of which can be found in different states and towns including Cairns, Queensland. If you’re an angler or just someone who enjoys going on fishing trips, fishing for these fishes could be a great way to spend your time. You may be lucky to catch a big one that you wish to immortalize your catch and keep it for posterity sake. There are many ways to do that; you could take a picture, do a video, among other things. But the most concrete way is to have a fish taxidermist make a replica of it for you.

In the past, fish taxidermy was all about stuffing a captured dead fish, preserving it with various chemicals and natural processes, and finally mounted. Today, the process is relatively easy and more fish-friendly. We can help you recreate that wonderful fish you caught without you even having to kill the fish. All we need is the photographs of your fish and measurement you prefer, and we use fibreglass and other composite materials to create a perfect replica.

Imagine catching a rainbow trout in all its spectacular beauty and having us replicate it for you? We pay special attention to all the details and capture the tiniest spec of colour in the photograph. This is why our replicas look exceptional real with their eyes glowing with life.

Our taxidermists are craftsmen, whose only desire is to ensure that your desires are fully satisfied. We take pride in delivering quality service at all times, and our reputation is hinged on this.

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